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Actions For Obsidian is an application for macOS and iOS which adds Apple Shortcuts support to the personal knowledge management tool Obsidian. It adds 50+ Shortcuts actions to bring your notes and your automations together.

This site is the official documentation for Actions For Obsidian. It is a work in progress and will be updated as new features are added.

Getting Started

  1. Install the Actions For Obsidian app from the App Store.
  2. Link your Obsidian vault(s) to the app by following the setup instructions in the app.
  3. Open Shortcuts on your Mac or iOS device and start creating automations with your notes.

If you run into problems

In case you have questions, either ask around on our friendly Community Forum—no matter if Shortcuts rookie or pro, you’re welcome there, we don’t bite!—or contact Carlo, the app’s indie developer, by contact form or by email.

If you have a technical issue and opt for the latter, just can also use the Feedback mail button in the app.

Visual markers throughout the documentation

Links to actions, objects, and parameters are visually marked with a colored tag. This way, you can easily spot them in the text and know what you’re looking at. For example, Get Note is a link to an action, Note is a link to an object, and File Path links to a parameter on the same docs page.