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Prepends text to a note, either to the very beginning of the note (default) or to the section below a particular headline in a note.



The vault to work in.

Type: Vault reference

File Path

The path of the note, relative to the vault root.

Type: Text


Type: Text


The headline must be entered exactly as it appears in the note: headline levels, capitalization, punctuation etc. For example, ## My Headline, ### My Headline, and ## my headline are not identical.

Only applicable when “Prepend below headline” mode is enabled.

Type: Text


Where to prepend the text.


  • beginning of the note
  • beginning of the section below the headline

Ignore front matter

If enabled, the text will be added to the top of the note, before any front matter.

Only available if the insertion point for prepending is the beginning of the note.

Type: Boolean (YES/NO)

Ensure newline

If enabled, a line break will be added to the inserted text if it does not already have one. Useful if you have a piece of text that does not have a line break at the end, but should.

Type: Boolean (YES/NO)

Create note if necessary

If enabled, the note will be created if it doesn’t exist so text can be appended.

Type: Boolean (YES/NO)

Open or focus note

If enabled, after a successful operation, the note will be brought to the front in Obsidian.

Type: Boolean (YES/NO)