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Each Obsidian note has a local URL that can be used to link to that note from other applications. For example, if you know the URL of a particular meeting note you created, you can attach that link to the corresponding calendar event and get a clickable link to your note right from your Calendar app.

This action returns the URL of a given note. The URL only works locally, on the Mac or iPhone/iPad that contains the specified note in the specified vault.

This action doesn’t check if the note exists, it just creates the link.



The vault to work in.

Type: Vault reference

File Path

The path of the note, relative to the vault root.

Type: Text

Return Value



Suppose the file path of your note is My meeting note and the vault is named Workbench, the result would be:


For example, if you paste this link into your browser, it will open that particular vault and note.