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This object represents an Dataview table row, as returned by Dataview TABLE queries.

It’s set up by the Get Dataview Table action.

This is a structured object and contains the following accessible attributes (also called “properties”):

ColumnsText (list)The contents of the row, i.e. the values of the columns.
NameTextAlways “Dataview Table Row”.

The “columns” are the returned results of one row of a DQL TABLE query.

About Dataview

Dataview is an advanced topic that opens up a lot of possibilities for making sense of your notes and data. For information about DQL (Dataview Query Language) TABLE queries, please see the related documentation on the Dataview site.

How to access an object’s attributes

Any object’s attributes can be accessed and selected by clicking the object, for example after you have placed it in a text block or when you use it as a parameter of another action.