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This object is a static snapshot of an Obsidian note. It is returned by several actions, such as Get Note or Set Note Properties.

This is a structured object and contains the following accessible attributes (also called “properties”):

VaultVaultThe note’s parent vault.
File PathTextThe full file path of the note, starting from the vault root.
File NameTextv2024.2
LinkTextThe Obsidian link of the note.v2024.2
Front matterTextThe block of metadata the note may have, excluding its --- boundaries.
PropertiesDictionaryObsidian’s note properties.
ContentTextThe file contents in their entirety.
BodyTextThe note body, i.e. the file contents excluding any front matter.


Suppose that in your vault “Workbench” you have a note file subfolder/ that contains the following:

tags: important, whatever
created_at: 2023-02-07T16:59:24Z
This is a note.

The related Note object’s attributes would be:

  • Vault: Workbench
  • File Path: /subfolder/
  • Front Matter:
    tags: important, whatever
    created_at: 2023-02-07T16:59:24Z
  • Properties:
    • tags: A list of strings, i.e. “important”, “whatever”
    • created_at: The string “2023-02-07T16:59:24Z”
  • Content: The whole file, i.e. what you see above
  • Body:

(Notice the leading line break here – whitespace is not trimmed.)

If the front matter contains a structure that Obsidian can’t process, Properties will be empty, because that’s what Obsidian will return in that case. For details on what’s allowed and supported, please see the official Properties docs page. Furthermore, see the examples section on the page for Get Note Properties on how to work with note properties.

How to access an object’s attributes

Any object’s attributes can be accessed and selected by clicking the object, for example after you have placed it in a text block or when you use it as a parameter of another action.