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Returns a vault reference to a linked Obsidian vault. This reference can be used as input for other actions’ Vault.



Type: Text

Optional Vault

The vault to work in.

Type: Vault reference

Vault reference type

You can choose a vault either from your linked vaults (the vault, the default setting), or change the parameter to the vault named, which will make Vault accept a string. (This is useful if you use an app like Data Jar to store variables like the name of your default vault.)

If you use the latter, don’t forget to link Actions For Obsidian to that vault beforehand.


  • the vault
  • the vault named

Return Value

Vault reference


Use this action to get a result variable that you can use as argument for the Vault parameter in other actions:

A "Get Vault Reference" action, followed by three other AFO actions. The "Get Vault Reference" result is used in the other actions as input for the `Vault` parameter

Now, when you want to change the vault the workflow is for, you’ll only have to change one spot – the input parameter for “Get Vault Reference”.