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Appends text to a note, either to the very end of the note (default) or to the section below a particular headline in a note.



The vault to work in.

Type: Vault reference

File Path

The path of the note, relative to the vault root.

Type: Text


Type: Text


The headline must be entered exactly as it appears in the note: headline levels, capitalization, punctuation etc. For example, ## My Headline, ### My Headline, and ## my headline are not identical.

Only applicable when “Append below headline” mode is enabled.

Type: Text


Where to append the text.


  • end of the note
  • end of the section below the headline

Ensure newline

If enabled, a line break will be added to the inserted text if it does not already have one. Useful if you have a piece of text that does not have a line break at the end, but should.

Type: Boolean (YES/NO)

Create note if necessary

If the note couldn’t be found and “Create note if necessary” is enabled, it will be created so text can be appended; if the option is disabled, the action will return an error.

Type: Boolean (YES/NO)

Open or focus note

If enabled, after a successful operation, the note will be brought to the front in Obsidian.

Type: Boolean (YES/NO)