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Stores a file in a vault via the file system (not the Obsidian API).

Returns the path of the new file relative to the vault root.



The vault to work in.

Type: Vault reference


The file to save to the fault. Could be a picture, a PDF, a video, whatever.

Type: Dictionary

Destination Folder

If you want to save the file in your vault’s main folder, pick root folder. If you want so save it to a custom folder, select folder.

Custom folders won’t be created automatically unless Create Folders is enabled.


  • root folder
  • folder

Folder Path

Where to save the file. If an input file is named example.jpg, then these example folder paths would yield these destination files:

  • none/empty → /example.jpg
  • abc or /abc/abc/example.jpg
  • /a/b/c/a/b/c/example.jpg

Folders won’t be created automatically unless Create Folders is enabled.

Type: Text

Strategy for dealing with an existing file

If a file with the same name already exists at the specified location, what should the action do?

  • Create new file with suffix: Adds a random suffix to the name of the file, e.g. example.jpg would be saved as example-91ae8b2b.jpg
  • Overwrite existing file: Replaces the old file with the input file
  • Leave existing file as-is: Do not save the new file


  • Create new file with suffix
  • Overwrite existing file
  • Leave existing file as-is

Create Folders

When enabled, then the action will automatically create any necessary folder structure. If disabled, no folders will be created. Only available when using a custom destination folder.

Type: Boolean (YES/NO)

Return Value



Take photo and store it together with a new note

Take a photo, then immediately store it as-is in your vault’s root folder. Since the action returns the path of the saved file relative to the vault root, we can use its output in a Markdown embed without any changes. The returned text could then be used as the body of a new note in the same vault, and that note would show the photo.

Save a text as a new file

If you have a Text action and want to save its output as a new .txt file to your vault, it’s enough to use the Text action output/result as the input parameter in “Save File”:

Internally, Shortcuts passes results between actions as files already, or turns them into files on-the-fly. So the Text result will be treated as a file.

The same goes for other Shortcuts data structures, like Dictionary – internally, Shortcuts passes the dictionary between a workflow’s actions in the form of a JSON object, and so it will be saved as such by “Save File”:

  • Search the Actions for Obsidian community forum for "Save File"